📚 Reading

Working, by Robert Caro. I enjoy books by legendary writers in which they lay out their individual writing and reporting processes and experiences. This is not a long book but Caro packs a lot of great detail into it. Now I have to read his signature book, The Power Broker. At my glacial reading pace, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to plow through the 1,344 pages before year-end … 2021.

☕️ Drinking

💡 Learning

I’m participating in Seth Godin’s online course The Marketing Seminar. It’s based on his latest book, This is Marketing. It’s requiring a lot of deep thinking and reflection to look at my work in a new way.

🔍 Testing

The Apple Magic Keyboard came with my iMac and I’m just not sold on it. I’ve tried a few different keyboards including this one and this one, and now am going old school: trying out the keyboard that came with my Dad’s original iMac circa 1998.

IMG 1437

It definitely brings more clickety-clack to my typing, but the keys are so much different than the Chiclet-style Magic Keyboard that I don’t know if I’ll stick with it long term. The lack of media and volume controls is another downer.

Also, I’m testing out several mice, including the Magic Mouse 2 that came with the computer, a Magic Trackpad 2 that I picked up recently, and an AmazonBasics 3-button wired mouse.

The Magic Mouse is not a great device. If it had not come with my iMac I would have returned it almost immediately. The design is so uncomfortable and cramp inducing that I bought these nifty little Magic Grips from ElevationLab that make the mouse a skosh wider and more comfortable to hold. Still, the Magic Mouse in use feels as if I’m sliding a brick around my desktop.

In comparison, the AmazonBasics mouse feels like sliding a cotton ball. My guess is that it’s because there’s no battery in it, and no Bluetooth circuitry or whatever. It feels like 1995 all over again, but for now I’m sticking with the Amazon mouse with the Magic Trackpad as backup. Even though it’s ultra light and comfortable to use, working with a traditional mouse can cause fatigue.