My New Year’s Top Five

Here are five things I’m working on to start the year:

  1. Going all Gmail. It took me a while to see what all the hubbub was about Gmail but now that I’ve made that transition, all my email is in one spot accessible from any computer. It also helps that I can download into Apple Mail.
  2. Dumping all tedious/useless social networks. Out of sheer curiosity I joined Facebook, Virb, MySpace, Good Reads and Plaxo in 2006. Only Plaxo remains and that’s because it helps me keep my address book in sync. Good Reads was fun, however, but I’m being ruthless with my time this year.
  3. Moving closer to the all-digital office. Last year I wanted to go as paper-free as possible and I did. In years past, I’d go through two cases of paper in a year. In 2006, I had a single ream leftover from the one case I used all year. Good for me. Also, my streamlining email and calendars to iCal, Google Calendar and my Treo. Leaning heavily on the new OmniFocus application.
  4. No more miles-for-magazines. “We get Bon Appétit?” my wife asked. Well, we didn’t until Delta or Continental offered magazines for my few remaining and expiring infrequent flyer miles. Same goes for Travel & Leisure, The Atlantic and Sports Illustrated.
  5. Stopping dumb monthly subscriptions. For starters, I cancelled Stopped my Starbucks card auto-reload and am considering the nixing of NetFlix.

We’ll see how it goes.


Published by

Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

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